First Visit

During your first visit we will review the history of the area in question, take necessary diagnostic images and perform the indicated testing to verify if there is a root canal related problem. We will discuss recommended treatment options, treatment alternatives and related treatment risks. If root canal realted treatment is found to be indicated, treatment oftentimes can be performed same date (although not gauranteed). Most treatment can predictibly be done in one visit, although certain condition do necessitate multiple visits to insure highest chances of positive outcome. 













Please contact us at 925-418-0048 to schedule your appointment with our office.

Assist us for by bringing the following information with you to your visit:

• Referral slip

• List of any medications you are currently or recently have been taking

• List of any medical conditions you have been diagnosed by your physician

• If applicable, please bring your dental insurance information and insurance card 

IMPORTANT: A parent or a legal guardian must accompany any patients under 18 years of age for the consultation visit – informed consent will be discussed and aplicable forms will be signed by the guardian. 

During your call please let our staff know if you have been told that you require any pre-medications prior to any dental procedures due to specific medical conditions. Please inform us if you have any major medical conditions, such as (but not limmited to) strokes, severe heart conditions, seizures, diabetes, etc.  

Unless otherwise instructed, please take any medications you are regularly taking at the regularly indicated time and please have a light meal prior to your appointment time.  

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